ACGB opens its production branch in Canada.

At the beginning of 2022, ACGB formalizes its arrival on Canadian soil, with the opening of a production unit for its tanks in North America.

This approach is part of a process already started a few years ago to meet the demand of the American market for aluminum tanks, by now producing directly on the continent, to control 100% of the production dedicated to customers.

In addition to past and future partnerships to develop the business in Canada and the United States, opening a production unit in Quebec is an asset for ACGB at all levels. Commercially, the presence on the continent is more relevant. From a logistical and environmental point of view, it is obvious to offer a finished product of ACGB quality at a controlled cost.

In addition, in French-speaking countries, the facilities offered by the community of Granby led ACGB to set up its production site there. A first employee with 35 years of seniority at ACGB went on site to take charge of setting up the necessary production chain and recruit the first qualified personnel (about ten profiles sought initially).

“We were convinced, from the start of our prospecting investigations for the North American market, that an industrial platform had to be established in Quebec. Indeed, the cultural proximity and the industrial environment similar to Europe reinforced our plan to invest in Granby. Eric Tessier (industrial development director, Granby Industriel) was able to understand our expectations and facilitate our implementation process. We are very happy to finalize this project in Haute-Yamaska,” says Mr. Auvy, for

This opening of a production unit is indeed an additional advantage for ACGB, which thereby preserves all of its French production capacity for its aluminum tanks and will continue to respond with reactivity to the demand of the European market.

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