Conception &


Custom tanks, innovative and intelligent. For your specific and atypical needs, we respond with the quality of our listening, the customisation of our offer both technically and economically. With our database consisting of over 9000 configurations, our project teams design, invent and adapt your future tank. By involving us at the beginning of your project, we will surprise you with our creative capacity whilst maintaining constraints.

For specifications and regulatory requirements and standards, you can be assured of the ACGB expertise for all reservoir solutions, complex, hydraulic, fuel or mixed. Our design rules are recognized by the major players of the market order. This does not happen by accident

Perfectly integrated in the environment you envisage, your ACGB reservoir will deliver its full performance, both on the optimization of the capacity offered and with its reliability, even in extreme conditions.

Conception & engineering
Our methods of study:
  • 3D CAD
  • Simulations
  • Finite element analysis
  • Technical testing and validations
  • Prototyping, pre-production, EI
  • Approval by official certification bodies
  • Internal components

    innovated from our experience

  • All types of fluids

    (fuel, lubricants,water, chemicals organic)

  • System integration,

    Peripheral equipment, mounting and fixing accessories…

  • Material

    aluminium, stainless steel

Shapes, sizes and technical specifications on request


in France

Réservoir inox et aluminium made in France