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Réservoir carburant et fluide

Providing for Your Projects :

Green IMPACT project accredited.

Recently member of Mov'éo, ACGB Green IMPACT projet has now been accredited..

Mov'éo is a French competitivness cluster focussing on research and development dealing with mobility and automotive sector.

This project is a response to an appeal from ADEME " Initiative PME Véhicules et Tranports" .

Design &

the extra mile ...

Because you have unique needs, our tanks are customised. Meeting and exceeding your requirements with our high standards Overview

Ingenierie fabrication réservoirs


in France
in our

ACGB produce tanks on request. Form, dimensions and technical specifications for small to medium serial production to the same exacting requirements as mass produced tanks. Our procedures allow us to ensure traceability and repeatability of each tank, and deliver just in time. Overview

Conception personalisée réservoir
  • Internal componants

    innovated from our experience

  • All types of fluids

    (fuel, lubricants,water, chemicals or organic)

  • System integration,

    Peripheral equipment, mounting and fixing accessories…

  • Material

    aluminium, stainless steel